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Birthday dress for dog

This handmade dog dress is perfect for a birthday. It is beautiful and elegant. Of course, this cute dress can be worn on any other day, not just on holidays.

Bumble bee costume dress for dogs

The yellow dog dress has black stripes. This is a bumblebee costume for your pet. In this dress, your dog will always be festively dressed.

Cashmere suit with natural fur for dogs

This dog costume will make your four-legged friend look like a real lady or lord. Please take a look at these photos. Aren't they cute? Cashmere yarn and natural fur are all it takes to keep your dog warm.

Costume for dogs of wool yarn

Warm costume for a medium sized dog. This pet clothing is made of wool yarn and has a closure on the belly. I hope that this warm suit will delight you and keep your dog warm for many days.

Costume for little girls dogs

Clothes for your pet made of hypoallergenic yarn. Costumes for small dogs to order. I will knit such a suit according to your measurements. Please let me know about the size, color and other requests. This can be done in the comments to the order or by email.

Costume with a hat for dogs

The costume for the dog is made in the same style as the hat. The hat is decorated with a pom-pom made of natural fur. A beautiful pattern is knitted on the back of the suit.

Cute sweaters for dogs

This wool yarn dog sweater will provide warmth to your pet. Be sure to choose the right size. A sweater for a dog complete with scarf.

dog costume

Handmade knitted costumes for dogs are made of woolen yarn. It fastens with buttons on the belly. Such clothes for a four-legged friend are suitable both for celebrating Halloween and for any weekday.

Dog costume with a hood

Costume for dogs with a hood is knitted of wool yarn. I will make it according to your measurements. You can always write to me to discuss the specifics of making these clothes.

Dog dress with flowers

This beautiful dress for dogs is handmade. Lovely flowers are placed on the back and adorn this garment. Please leave a comment for your order if you have any special requests.

dog sweater

A dog sweater that is made of cotton yarn can be an indispensable clothing item for your pet.

dog sweater

A sweater for your dog that's perfect for fall. You can buy these clothes for your pet and then your dog will always be warm and cozy.