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Birthday dress for dog

This handmade dog dress is perfect for a birthday. It is beautiful and elegant. Of course, this cute dress can be worn on any other day, not just on holidays.

Bumble bee costume dress for dogs

The yellow dog dress has black stripes. This is a bumblebee costume for your pet. In this dress, your dog will always be festively dressed.

Dog dress with flowers

This beautiful dress for dogs is handmade. Lovely flowers are placed on the back and adorn this garment. Please leave a comment for your order if you have any special requests.

dog dresses

Very beautiful dress for dogs, which is knitted of cotton yarn. This dress has buttons on the belly. Only handmade using high quality materials.

Dog tutu dress

This colorful tutu dress is for medium sized dogs. It fastens with buttons. The outfit is decorated with a brooch that can be removed.

Dress for dogs in blue

A one-color dress for your dog. It is knitted from blue cotton yarn. Ruffles give this dress a sophisticated look.

Dress for dogs with a brooch

This knitted dog dress is made with angora yarn. The fashionable text is located on the back. You can please yourself and your dog with these stylish clothes.

Dress for dogs with poppies

This beautiful dress for dogs is decorated with lace. In addition, knitted flowers and leaves on the back complement the design of this pet clothing. You can choose the size and color, or just write me in the comments on the order or by e-mail.

Dress with flowers for dogs

This cute dress for a dog is crocheted of soft yarn. The back is decorated with the flowers you see in the photo. You can choose the color you like and the size you want.

Dresses for dog

Summer dress for dogs. Made of fine cotton, layered skirt, button fastening that can be adjusted as needed. The buttons

Elegant white dress for dogs

The dog dress has a white bow, your dog will always be festively dressed.

Guipure skirt dress for dogs

Skirt-dress for dogs made of guipure. This pet clothing is made of good materials, the color of which will surely appeal to everyone. A bow on the back adorns this dress.