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Sweater for small dogs from angora yarn

Cute sweater for dogs, hand knitted. I used angora yarn, which retains heat very well.

Sweaters for dogs with fur collar

The cashmere sweater for dogs is equipped with a fur collar. Nice, comfortable, warm.

Taylor Swift inspired dog cardigan

Inspired by Taylor Swift, this sweater has been crafted down to the smallest detail to make your dog look as

Trendy designer sweater for dogs

Handmade sweater for dogs of small and medium breeds. It is knitted from cotton yarn. Excellent knitting, tight seams, high craftsmanship have been used to create these dog clothes.

White sweater for dogs

This white dog sweater is made of cotton yarn. I am sure that such clothes for your pet will be not only beautiful, but also very comfortable.

Winter sweater for dogs

This elegant sweater for dogs is made of gray cashmere yarn. It can be used in winter. Your pet will be cozy and warm.

Winter sweater with fur for dogs

Winter is a difficult time of the year. Your dog should be warm and comfortable even during the most difficult times. And so you can buy this winter sweater with fur for dogs.

Wool dog sweater with hood

A dog sweater with a hood to keep your dog warm and comfortable. These clothes for dogs are qualitatively knitted from natural materials. You can choose the size you want and the most successful color.

Wool sweater for dogs

Sweater for small dogs with buttons on the belly. For manufacturing, hypoallergenic semi-woolen yarn is used. Better knitting and tight seams.

Wool sweater for dogs

Wool yarn always carries warmth. This dog sweater is made from this very material. This means that your pet will never freeze.