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Dog sweater with collar

Hand-knitted wool sweater for dogs with a high collar. Only the best clothes for your pet in my Lyudmila Dog Boutique.

Dog sweater with faux fur

A beautiful dog sweater with faux fur that will delight the owner and warm your pet. This is only handmade dog clothes. And only quality work and excellent material

Dog sweater with owl

Knitted sweater for dogs with an owl is not only beautiful, but also warm. Delight your pet with handmade clothes.

Fashionable Cuсci sweater for dogs

Cucci sweater for dogs with a closure at the tummy. Only handmade. This dog sweater is made of wool yarn.

Fashionable red sweater for dogs

Fashionable designer red sweater for dogs. The sweater is made of cotton yarn and is perfect for Yorkie dogs. Gladden yourself and your pet.

Green sweater for dogs with bee

This sweater for dogs is knitted of angora yarn.

Halloween knitted blue dog sweater

Halloween sweaters for little dogs. The excellent quality of the product will allow you to use it on a daily basis.

Knitted summer sweater for dogs

The weather can be cool in summer. This is an inexpensive summer sweater for your dog. Clothes for your pet are qualitatively knitted from natural materials.

Knitted sweater for dogs

Sweater for medium sized dogs. Great for Yorkies and Chihuahuas. Look how beautiful these clothes are for dogs. Your dog will love these sweaters too.

Knitted sweater for dogs halloween

People always celebrate Halloween. And should we forget about your pets during this period? Let your dog take part in the celebration. Plus, this sweater can be worn any other day.

Knitted Unicorn sweater for dogs

Knitted sweater for dogs with a unicorn. This clothing for dogs is knitted from cotton yarn. The button is on the tummy. You and your dog will love this sweater.