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Autumn sweater for a small dog

In autumn, the weather is different in different countries. But this sweater will be useful and comfortable for your pet when it gets cool. Only high quality handmade clothes.

Blue sweater for dogs

Sweater for small breeds. Handmade, tightly knitted garment with tightly fastened seams.

Cashmere sweater for dogs

Do you want your dog to be warm? Then you just need this sweater. This cashmere yarn dog sweater will keep your pet warm.

Cotton sweater for dogs

Sweater for dogs made of cotton yarn is decorated with cute applique. The clasp is on the belly.

Cute sweaters for dogs

This wool yarn dog sweater will provide warmth to your pet. Be sure to choose the right size. A sweater for a dog complete with scarf.

Designer blue sweater for dogs

This designer blue sweater for dogs is made of cotton yarn. This pet clothing is comfortable and beautiful.

Designer cotton sweater

Cute sweater for dogs of cotton yarn, having the clasp on his tummy. Only the best quality and only natural materials.

dog sweater

A dog sweater that is made of cotton yarn can be an indispensable clothing item for your pet.

dog sweater

A sweater for your dog that's perfect for fall. You can buy these clothes for your pet and then your dog will always be warm and cozy.

Dog Sweater Patriotic

Custom sweater for a dog. This is a patriotic sweater for dogs. It is made from cashmere yarn