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Pink costume for small dogs

This dog costume is made of very soft, hypoallergenic yarn. I can knit it from yarn of a different color, just please let me know in the comment to the order or write a message by e-mail.

Pink costume for your dog

This pink costume for your dog is knitted of woolen yarn. It has a cute pattern on the back and the pom-pom hat is made of natural fur.

Pink jumpsuit for dogs

This is a pink jumpsuit for dogs. It is perfect for a girl. These clothes are the result of professional skill and hard work. Only handmade with your individual wishes.

Warm dog costume

A costume for a dog, which is knitted from hypoallergenic yarn. Only high quality handmade clothing to keep your dog warm. Please let me know if you have any special requests for your order.

Warm handmade dog costume

Winter and fall are special times of the year when you need to think about clothing for your pet. To keep your dog warm, this costume is knitted of woolen yarn. The special design of this garment also contributes to keeping warm.

Winter costume for dogs

In such a winter suit your dog will be really warm. After all, it is complemented by a hat. So, a beautiful suit and hat knitted from woolen yarn is what guarantees your pet's warmth. You can choose the size and color, or you can write me your wishes in the comments to the order or by e-mail

Wool сostume for dogs

Clothes for dogs are knitted of cashmere yarn. Leopard print adorns the back. The dog costume includes a sweater and pants. I will knit these clothes for the dog according to your measurements. Please email me if you have any questions.