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Guipure skirt dress for dogs

Skirt-dress for dogs made of guipure. This pet clothing is made of good materials, the color of which will surely appeal to everyone. A bow on the back adorns this dress.

Halloween dog dress

This handmade dog dress is perfect for Halloween. This type of pet clothing is made with ruffles, decorated and embroidered with various elements. Please let me know if you have any special requests.

Handmade dog dress

Great handmade dog dress. You can choose the color and size you need. In addition, I can change many parameters and characteristics based on your wishes. Please just let me know in the comment on the order or by email.

Knitted dress for dogs

Dress for small dogs is knitted of woolen yarn. Convenient, practical and very beautiful. Your dog will be comfortable, and the appearance of the clothes will delight not only you, but also your friends.

Luxurious dress for dogs

Please take a look at this handmade dog dress. This is not just a dress for your dog, but a small piece of art. It is knitted of cotton yarn and has a closure on the belly.

Pink dog dress

This designer dog dress is adorned with fluffy ruffles. You will surely like high-quality knitting and your dog will be comfortable in such clothes.

Pink dress for small dogs

This beautiful dress for a dog is knitted from soft cotton yarn. This outfit for your four-legged friend has several frills and is decorated with a bow.

Red dress for dog

It is obvious that dogs cannot distinguish red. But on the other hand, this color suits them, it is able to please you, and is clearly visible even from afar. Moreover, this knitted dress will keep your pet warm and cozy.

Summer dress for dogs

This summer dress for dogs is made of cotton yarn. It is knitted with the highest quality and professionalism. This means comfort and convenience for your dog.

Tutu dress for small dogs

Dog tutu dresses are on sale at amazing prices. If you're looking for a way to showcase a more attractive and stylish side of your dog, then you've come to the right place. After all, tutu dresses for dogs are exactly what you need.

weddings dress for dog

Elegant dress for dogs for a wedding. It is decorated with knitted flowers. Of course, these clothes are also suitable for every day, not just for the holidays.